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Up Time Guarentee

Tula Networking guarantees 99.9% up time on our servers providing shared website hosting. We consider it unacceptable to not be even closer to 100%, but any month where we fail to meet that level, we will compensate all our customers with sites on that server.  We have outside services monitoring our services, from multiple locations around the world.  Anytime a server is not available from multiple locations, we are notified, usually before any customers become aware of an outage.  If these services detect down time greater than 0.1% we will compensate the affected customers according to their contracts, even if they never notice or report an outage.  Unless a customer has specificaly contracted for a different compensation, for every 0.1% below 99.9% uptime in a given month all affected customers will receive a credit to their acount of 7.5% of the monthly hosting fees for the affected hosting services, up to 100% of the monthly fee.

For purposes of the guarantee we consider downtime to be anytime one or more of the following events happen:

  • The server fails to respond to a ping from more than one location.
  • The server fails to provide a designated web page in response to requests from more than one test location
  • The smtp (mail) server is not functional and accesable from more than one location

The reason we monitor from multiple locations and require the failure to be from more than one, is because if the server is unreachable from one location but available from another, then the problem is somewhere on the internet, and not at Tula Networking.  We do still monitor and investigate such issues, but they are not an indication that we are experiencing any kind of malfunction, at our end.


Website Monitoring by BinaryCanary.com


Website Monitoring by mon.itor.us

This site is monitored by www.montastic.com

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