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I've been told not to register my domain at a hosting company

Many people advise that you not register your domain name at the same company where you host your web site.  There is no technical advantage, one way or the other, to registering your domain name at the same place you host the site or splitting them up.  If you have doubts about the integrity or stability of your web hosting company, or you think you might get in a financial dispute with them, then it probably is a good idea to split up the hosting and domain registration, so you can easily move your site, without counting on the cooperation, or even the existence of, your hosting company. 
Tula networking is first and foremost a web hosting company.  We offer domain registrations for the convenience of our customers.  Many people prefer to have one company to deal with, one place to manage all their products, and one place to request support, without having to figure out the source of the problem in order to know who to ask.  If you register a domain through Tula Networking we act as a registration service provider.  When registering through us, your domain is registered in your name, at an ICANN accredited registrar. We register most domains through Tucows.  In order to be able to provide the widest range of products we also partner with eNom and CORE.

If we went out of business tomorrow. it would certainly be a major inconvenience to our customers, but all domain names would remain owned by the customers.  If you will sleep better at night with your domain registrations and hosting separated, by all means feel free to register your domain with any registrar you like.  Doing so will not impede your ability to host your site at Tula Networking.

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