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Can I prevent my contact information from displaying in WHOIS?

All domain owners are required to have full and valid contact information listed in the WHOIS database.  This is part of the registration agreement and failure to do so can result in having your domain name deleted.

Many domains do allow you to have placeholder information of another company as the domain owner.When ever the top level registry alows it, we offer this service at no additioal charge.  The domain will still be registered through an ICANN acredited registrar in your name, but the regisrar will publish their generic contact information in the publicly accessable whois database.

This optional service is available for most GTL domains like .com .net .org.  Some coutry code top level domains like .us do not allow whois privacy.  You can turn this feature on and off whenever you want from your Tula Networking customer control panel, in the domains section.

It is important to remember that this service does not change the ownership of your domain.  Some companies will register a domain name for you, and offer what they call a privacy service, by registering it in their name.  As long as you continue doing business with them, and paying whatever renewal fees they may ask, you may have no trouble.  But if you ever have a dispute and/or want to transfer the domain, you may find that it is not yours to transfer.  That will not happen with Tula Networking.


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