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Can I Send bulk email if I abide by the CAN-SPAM Act

Abiding by the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act will keep you from being criminally prosecuted for spamming, but it is not enough to keep you from violating our terms of service and getting yourself in a lot of trouble.  You can send bulk email, as long as you abide by all the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act, AND every single person on your list has given you permission to send them the kind of email you are sending, and you can prove it.  This requires that any time someone gives you an email address, you send them a confirmation request, to which they must respond, in the affirmative, before you add them to your emailing list.

It is nearly impossible to buy an "Opt-in" list.  No matter how much your vender insists that all million email addresses are opt-in, it is almost never true.  In just about every case they are simply lying to you, and even if everyone on the list did agree to have someone else send them email, they didn't give you permission.  If you send email to a purchased list, at best you will get complaints.  You will most likely get your IP address on blocklists, and your Tula Networking account will be suspended for TOS violations.  No matter how much you insist that you email is legitimate because you aren't selling fake Rolex watches or Viagra, if the recipients don't recognize your email as coming from someone they know, or have done some kind of business with, they will report your mail as spam.

So in short, to send bulk email you must

  • Build your own email list using confirmed opt in
  • Maintain records to prove that each recipient confirmed their subscriptions to your list
  • Never send email that is a different type than what the recipients agreed to
  • provide a simple and obvious way for your list members to opt-out if they later decide that's what they want
  • clearly identify who you are and how you can be reached in each email



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