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Separating Spam From Ham

There are two main issues to deal with, in order to manage your spam, and everyone's email is different, so there's no one size fits all solution.
Once you start receiving spam the first thing is how to get the spam separated from the ham (non spam) as accurately as possible.
The first thing to deal with is how to make the server more accurate in identifying spam.  We are constantly tweaking the program that sorts the spam from the ham, and at the same time the spammers are constantly tweaking their spam to try and get around it. Unless you change the default, every email processed through Tula servers, that has been identified as spam, comes to you as an attachment to a text message. The text message explains how the server came to the conclusion that this was spam. It also tells you how many points that email got towards being spam. These text messages are especially useful when you get what is called a false positive.  That is when a legitimate email gets tagged as spam. Since there are several things that you can do about a false positive, it helps to know what went wrong.  There are two things you can easily change for your email account. One is your spam tolerance, and the other is the list of email addresses or servers that you either want to give a free pass to, or label as spam all the time. Every email gets assigned points, by the server, based on the probability that it is spam. By default we have each user set so that anything that gets 4 points or more is labeled spam, but you can raise or lower that number to change how tolerant the server should be of questionable emails for your account. If you read a sampling of the spam "cover sheets" and find that just about all of them have more than 10 points and you look at your false positives and find that they all got between 4 and 5 points, you might decide to raise your spam tolerance to 6 or 7. That may let a few more spams through, but if it keeps you from ever having a false positive and still tags most of the spam, you might decide that was worth it. If, however, you find that the point values of your false positives are not significantly lower than that of your spam, you may not be able to just adjust the tolerance. The other control, you can use, is to add email addresses to your "allowed senders list", also known as a white list. All of these adjustments are done from your control panel at https://ulan.tulaweb.net:2096/ . If you log onto the user administrator, you will see the email section over to the right. The two options, we have discussed, are found in that section. You can click on "Allowed Senders List" to white list someone. If you put someone’s email address on that list they'll get 100 points of credit for each email, which will make it just about a sure thing that email, from that address, will never get marked as spam. If you click on "Configure Spam Options" you can change the spam tolerance for your account. The lower you make it, the greater the percentage of you spam will get flagged. The higher you make it the less likely it is to lable your ledgitimate email as spam.

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