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How to make the spamers stop

In short, once the spammers have your address, there is no way to make them stop sending spam to that address.   Once they start spamming you, you can only take steps to avoid dealing with it in person.  You may be able to intercept it, but you won't stop them from sending it.  One exception may be when you actually signed up for something, or gave your email address to a legitimate business, and now you have decided that you no longer want what they are sending you.  In this case it is safe to request that you be removed from their list.  When dealing with unsolicited email that you never asked for in the first place, despite the fact that the spammers will tell you that you requested it, you should never click on the remove link.  All you are doing there, if the link even points to anything at all, is telling them that your email address reaches someone who actually reads what they write, all the way to the bottom, where they have the unsubscribe link.  That guarantees they will want to send you twice as much spam, and tell their friends to do so as well. 

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