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What happens if I don't renew my domain registration on time


If a domain expires, it becomes inactive immediately, a parking page will be displayed, you may lose ownership rights, and all the services attached to it will no longer function, such as your website or email. 

However, there is a limited grace period, during which time, you may renew the domain and regain full registrant rights to the domain.  Each registry (.com, .info, .uk, etc.) has different rules for their grace periods.  At the end of the grace period, the domain may be auctioned, deleted or go into redemption, and may eventually become available for others to register on the open market.

We suggest you keep track of your domain expiration dates, and renew well in advance, to avoid unintentional down time or loss of the name.  You can sort your domains by expiration date to help you with the management of your domain expiration dates.  Courtesy emails are sent out 90 days prior to expiration, and periodicaly after that, to warn you of the impending expiration.  Once you renew the domain, all previous settings will be recovered and the domain will be active usually within a few hours of the renewal.

The renewal period is always added to the end of the current registration period (the new expiration date is the same whether you renew two months early or the day before expiration) so you will never lose time on your domain by renewing early.

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