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Network Issues

Intermittent network problems (Resolved)

Affecting Server - tulaweb1 | Priority - High

We are currently experiencing intermittent network connectivity problems at the Connecticut data center. The network administrators are working on
addressing the issue.
Date - 01/22/2010 19:33 - 01/22/2010 00:00
Last Updated - 01/22/2010 23:42

Server update (Resolved)

Affecting Other - All Linux Servers | Priority - High

We will be applying an urgently required patch to the operating system of
our Linux servers over the next few hours. While the administrative control
panel may be unavailable for 20 minutes or so, we do not expect more than
a few seconds of down time for your web and email services. If any of the
services do not reload properly after the patch is applied we may have to
reboot your server. If that happens, your web and email service may be
unavailable for a few minutes. If a reboot is necessary, incoming email
will be held for delivery as soon as the reboot is completed. If you have
any problems that last more than a few minutes, please open a help desk
ticket at http://www.tulaweb.net/CustomerService/index.php or send an
email to tulasupport@tulasupport.net.
Server status can be monitored at:
Date - 01/21/2010 17:23 - 01/21/2010 00:00
Last Updated - 01/21/2010 23:24

Maintenance Scheduled (Resolved)

Affecting Server - tulaweb1 | Priority - Low

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday 12/8), at approximately 7:00AM, we will be replacing a 48 port line card in one of the core Cisco network switches at the datacenter.  Each access-level switch in the datacenter is redundantly connected, and will automatically fail over to the other core Cisco network where applicable.  We do not expect more than a few seconds of packet loss while the network re-converges.  This packet loss may be noticed when the line card is initially removed, and also when connectivity is restored via the replacement line card.  The replacement of the line card is expected to take between 10-15 minutes.

Date - 12/07/2009 17:17 - 12/09/2009 00:00
Last Updated - 01/11/2010 14:26

Tula to Yahoo mail delays (Resolved)

Affecting System - Email | Priority - Critical

We are having an issue where Yahoo mail servers are deferring mail from all Tula Hosted domains.  
I have been in contact with Yahoo, and we hope they will reopen the gates shortly, but we do not have
a commitment on a time frame. They are not rejecting our mail, just telling our server to try later.
If you are using a blackberry or if you are using the smtp server of your local ISP you should not have a problem.
You should also not have a problem receiving mail from Yahoo users. At this time you should expect any mail
sent through a Tula server to a recipient at Yahoo will be delayed at best. I have set up a script to collect the
deferred messages to Yahoo accounts and will redirect them through a different server, but this will not be in real time.
As soon as Yahoo provides me with more information, I will send out an update, but in the mean time, do not rely
on mail sent to Yahoo customers getting to it's destination in a timely manner.
Date - 01/05/2010 00:00
Last Updated - 01/11/2010 14:24

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